Call of Duty's Biggest Problem? Penis Swastikas.

Call of Duty's Biggest Problem? Penis Swastikas.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II, like the last few Call of Duty games, allows players to create and personalize emblems—little icons that appear on their weapons and next to their names when they’re online.

Naturally, being mature and respectable members of society, Call of Duty players are using these emblems to draw swastikas made out of penises.

This is a problem, as Activision community manager Dan Amrich points out:

This divides COD players into two camps: The people who want to create penis swastikas and the people who do not want to see them. I hear from both of them, complaining loudly that they should be able to create whatever they want and/or these people should be banned.

Amrich goes on to criticize the Black Ops II art community—”Are you suggesting you are enhancing my game with your Nazi symbol made out of wangs? You are not. You have my guarantee on this.”—and begs them to stop drawing penis swastikas. The moderating teams at Activision and Treyarch are trying to delete/ban all of the offenders, but there’s no approval process for emblems, which makes that a complicated process.

So allow me to echo Amrich’s point. Please, folks, stop drawing penis swastikas in Call of Duty. For as much fun as I am having writing the words “penis” and “swastika” in succession, most people play Call of Duty to shoot people, not to look at Nazi symbols made out of genitalia. If you absolutely must draw penis swastikas, at least do it someplace where people won’t mind. Like Second Life.

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Originally written and published by Jason Schreier at Kotaku. Click here to read the original story.
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