Gamer Sledge

When I first saw the URL for this site, I mistakenly read it as Gamer Sledge.  It didn’t take Balth long to sort me out on the proper placement of the “s”, but I always kinda liked Gamer Sledge.  It had an angle to it.  What is the Sledge?  Why is it being wielded?  At whom or what is it being swung?  So in honor of that inevitable misreading, I decided to try out a column called Gamer Sledge.  What is it?  Exactly what the web doesn’t need, an opinion/editorial column smashing stupidity and breaking down walls. 

 If it isn’t needed, why do it you might ask.  Honestly because I actually got motivated to do something, and the site needs some original content.  What will the focus be?  Primarily stuff that irks me about the gaming world, but also stuff in it that is totally awesome.  (Yes I am a child of the 80s, deal with it :P)  Also I will delve into other issues that I see some direct or abstract connection to the gaming community.

 Facts will be sourced and labeled, all other info is my interpretation, thought or opinion.  Hyperbole will likely rule the day.  Sarcasm will be rampant (and tagged in one way or another) and humorous attempts at humor will abound.  Be warned however, I do not expect to be pulling punches (Or sledge swings) here.  Fragile constitutions can see their way to a tamer part of the site.  I respect the right of all to have their opinion, no matter how wrong you may be ;), but only so much trolling or @$$hattery will be tolerated.  Also I will delete all critiques about grammar. 😛

So who am I and what do I know about games.  I am a 30something husband, father, gamer and all around geek.  Much as my father is a jack-of-all-trades, I am something of a jack-of-all-geeks delving into many lakes, but generally not learning every nook of any of them.  I may drag in other non-game subjects from time to time.  I’ll likely hit on parent’s and kid’s issues.  The rest we’ll figure out as we go.

So look back soon for my first post.  I’ll try to get these suckers out weekly, but you know I ain’t ‘xactly gettin’ paid for this 😉

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