GIVEAWAY: A Mighty Fine Valentine Tee

Topless Robot writes:
Our friends over at have a ton of geeky V-Day shirts, all of which are currently 20% off. I’d say there are tops for every taste:

-The sick-minded horror nerd:

-The romantic:

-The foodie:

-Even the more stereotypical dateless nerd who hates the day:

These are just a few of the many, and in this case the good of the many is equivalent to your good of the one, because you can win one of the Valentine shirts – any one you like!

But it won’t be easy. In the spirit of the true love holiday, I asked my fiancee to come up with the contest idea, and it just might be the most diabolical, twisted contest yet. (She will be judging.)

You have to tell me – in comments – about the best thing you ever did for your mother during the month of February. (Sick, right?)


-If you’ve never known your mother, a sister or grandmother is acceptable.

-If the nicest thing you’ve ever done was something like “pulling the plug,” you had better explain why she was a bitch who deserved it.

-You can enter as often as you like.

-Contest ends at 11:59 p.m. on February 14th, 2013, so there’s still time to do something nice for mom.

-No need to specify yet which shirt you want; the winner will be contacted for details.

Now wrack those twisted minds to find the last sickening drops of goodness inside!

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