Guild Wars 2 – The Vacation


Guild Wars 2, the game that I am frothing at the mouth/dreading with every fiber of my being, has a release date of 08/28/12. I have a three-day headstart, so that means that as of Saturday, 08/25/12, I can begin playing. How would one celebrate this? By taking five days of vacation, of course!

Think National Lampoon’s anything minus the women, the travel and the humor. Ok, so don’t think about National Lampoon at all. In fact, it’s probably more of this guy:



Ok, so it won’t be quite that bad, but Demunfone and Lexibug will be joining me from home base.

We need more people to complete our par-Tay!


Ok, so it’s not that kind of party, but you know what I mean. Is anyone else looking forward to this game like we are?


P.S.  no, I don’t want to date your avatar.

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