Face Off 08×11 – Imaginary Friends (SPOILERS)



Wooooowwww, I know, I know.  SUPER far behind.  But I’m going to do two updates today for Face Off, while I still have the energy and motivation to do so (and because my sheets are in the wash, so I can’t just crawl back into bed under the covers).

So, last week (sort of), Stephanie was sent home on the Super Selfies challenge.  This week, the gang goes to a park where there are a bunch of kids hanging around.  They have to do a character that is based off the children’s imaginary friends.  Each kid picks a contestant, and they get to conceptualizing.  Now, in Season 3, they had a challenge very similar to this with a monster based off a child’s drawing.  Laura in fact brings it up when she’s coaching Julian later (so I guess I’ll mention it more then).

As usual, being children, they’re busting with ideas.  But, the ideas aren’t exactly the most practical.  I am REALLY not a fan of children, but I do really admire their unabashed imagination.  I’m a very internal person and daydream a lot, but I think it would do a lot of people good if they just allowed themselves for a small period every day, to think like a kid, and just daydream of robots and flying and shit.  Julian gets a kid with a rat tail so big it’s bordering on a mullet (really, that kid’s parent???).  He has a zombie b-boy friend, and Julian is worried about it looking too horror for a kid-friendly makeup.  His kid is also flying all over the place and doing breakdancing moves.  Logan wants to do a monster, but his kid’s imaginary friend is a mermaid.  He correctly says ‘when a little girl asks you to make a mermaid, you make a mermaid’.  Emily has a child who’s imaginary friend is a bunny named Lulu.  She decides that she wants to do flocking (man, she’s always trying different techniques on this show without fear – I guess because she’s so young herself).  She wants to stay away from big hair, since the judges nailed her on that last week.  Darla’s child has gorgeous HUGE hair, and has an imaginary friend who has a blue diamond face.  Darla’s worried on how to make it look like a diamond because of the whole translucency thing.  Adam’s partner has a big monster kind of thing that eats toys, so Adam’s going crazy with a big giant mouth that actually rests on the model’s chest.  Ben… might be in some trouble.  His kid has a TON of ideas, and his imaginary friend has three hands and all kinds of other shit.  Ben should have taken a page from Logan’s book and edited his kid during the design process.

And that’s where we come to Julian’s problem.  Laura points out that in Season 3, Rob did exactly what his child artist wanted, and he got sent home for it, so she’s worried about Julian going full gore zombie for B-Boy Zombie.  She’s worried it won’t be whimsical and kid-friendly enough.  On one hand, I agree.  But on the other hand, a walking dead kind of breakdancer is what Andrew (the child) wanted.  And he’s going to be on stage to see it.  So Julian’s kinda up shit’s creek at this point.  He winds up going for more of a cartoon looking zombie with a bone mohawk.  We’ll see. The drawing is pretty cute.  Adam’s kind of going backwards with his monster.  Instead of sculpting first, he’s making the chest piece that has the lower jaw first.  And then he’ll use that to see how big he needs to make his sculpt.  It’s kind of a scary place, because if something happens during sculpting/molding, he’s going to have no time to fix it.

On Day 2, Emily’s not in a good place emotionally.  She’s missing her family, and to be honest, since she’s only 18, this is probably the first time she’s ever been away from home this long.  She has to take a break and cry it out, but she gets back to her work.  Logan’s having issues with his mermaid tail – it’s super bulky and ugly, so he has to remake it.  Ben’s also in uber trouble because he bit off more than he could chew, so he’s gotta motor on Day 2.

Application Day comes, and Adam has to ghetto rig his head because it’s too small for the chest piece.  Emily also has chunks coming out of her bunny ears, so she has to fix that, and it takes time out of paint and flocking.  Ben is the most far behind, though.  It’s not ‘Miranda in the Dark Elf challenge’ behind, but it’s getting close.  Matt, his model, has to help him do stuff, since Anthony is not allowed to.

Here are the Final Looks:


He may have been better off with a different paint job.  It doesn’t look zombie, or even like a cartoon zombie.  The kids think he’s really funny, though.



The look on the little girl’s face when this one walks out is PRICELESS.  You can tell that she’s instantly in love.  Her eyes just light up and she can barely contain herself.  This one is very well done, and was my personal fave this week.



Really cute.  However, the judges are like ‘it would have been cool if she’d done one of her big wigs’.  WTF, judges?  MAKE UP YOUR MIND!  Maya really seems to like her.



REALLY unfinished.  He’s definitely in trouble.



She turned out really pretty.  I also dug the hell out of this one.



The mouth turned out pretty cool.  He’s definitely in the top looks.


The top looks are Darla and Adam.  Personally, Adam’s is cute, but I really like Darla’s, so I picked her to win, but Adam takes this one.  The bottom looks are Julian and Ben.  Ben (and Anthony) wind up going home.  The ending left me conflicted.  On one hand, Ben did deserve to go home because his was unfinished, but I think he had more to offer than Julian does.  However, I’m kind of glad on another hand that Ben went home, because all season, I had this worry in the back of my mind that someone it would be ‘fixed’ so one person from each coach’s team would make it to the finale.  But that’s not the case.  If it had been, I don’t know how I would have felt.