Face Off 08×12 – Deadly Dolls (SPOILERS



So, this update is back on track.  I’m just pushing through the depression fog to get this out while I’m doing blog updates (3 in one day!)

This week, they go to a marionette theater, and are doing a doll challenge.  At first, Julian is really worried that it’s going to be another whimsical challenge, but it turns out they have to do evil versions of a kind of doll they have to select.  Julian picks the ventriloquist dummy (I really don’t like ventriloquist dummies – they fall into the same category as my fear of clowns), and THIS dummy looks EXTRA FUCKING CREEPY.  Like, what the EFFING FUCK?  Jesus!  And throughout the whole show, someone thinks it’s hilarious to always cut to the dummy being animated, and it’s gross as hell.

Anyway, Darla chooses a porcelain doll, Emily gets a rag doll, Logan gets a voodoo doll, and Adam takes a Baby Doll.  When they all get to the lab and start fleshing out their ideas, Rayce already sees that his team may be in trouble.  He’s worried about Logan’s burlap-inspired voodoo doll might be too messy, and he’s worried that Adam is straying too far away from the doll aspect of the challenge with his ‘tentacle monster bursting out of the doll’ idea.  When Mr. Westmore comes through giving advice, he has the same concerns.  But, Adam’s sticking to his guns.

Emily, the Queen of trying new things, decides to flat mold some cord to get the texture of fabric for her rag doll.  She decides to go with a blank slate for the face, which could be cool or could come and bite her, since it could be considered a mask.  Darla’s doing a cracked porcelain doll, and the sculpt so far definitely looks like the proper shape for a porcelain doll’s face.  Emily is really also focusing on the hair (of course), and decides to cut up an ugly wig, and then do matted dreadlocks.  She wants to unkink the braids of juke, and Laura gives her the great idea of using a power sander to do it faster, and it works like a charm.  Darla’s also doing some hair work.  She’s styling the hair into a curly porcelain doll hairdo, but is gunking it up so it looks dirty and ratty and totally played with.  My dolls as a kid had that same kind of hair from when I’d play with them TO DEATH.  But nowadays, my dolls all have shiny, gorgeous hair that’s a lot nicer than my own.

Back to Team Rayce’s problems, now Rayce is seeing issues with Logan’s sculpt and where the burlap is going to go on the face, so he kind of suggests that Logan restarts.  Logan’s resistant to the idea at first, but then decides that it is the best choice.  So, Day 1 is down the tubes for him.

Laura’s a bit concerned that Julian might go too far with the wood grain texture, so she warns him it might start to look like a tree character.  And Rayce is still really worried about Adam, since it’s getting really far away from a doll.  Adam really doesn’t want to put a big baby head on the stage, but he’s starting to get concerned himself.  Emily is making a flat mold of the crepe wool for her shoulder, but it cracks, and she’s got no time to redo it, so she’s gotta think of something different.

On Application Day, Emily has to fix her shoulder issue, so she decides to do popped stuffing, and adds some stitching so it looks like that’s where the doll is falling apart.  Rayce is kinda over-coaching Logan to the point that Logan doesn’t know which way is up.  Darla’s paint is turning out FANTASTIC as she’s working on it, but Julian’s is starting to turn muddy.  And it doesn’t get any better for him in Last Looks.

Here are the Final Looks:


The paint turned out muddy as hell.  And the cheekbones almost look like Shrek (my mother pointed that out so I can’t take credit, but I do agree).  He’s in trouble again.



Not Logan’s best work, but it’s still decent.  The parts that are fleshy underneath the burlap look really creepy.  Kinda looks more like a scarecrow.  The voodoo pin turned out as a great little touch.



omg, so awesome.  So damn creepy.  The clear winner, even before knowing that it was the winner.



I dig Adam, and I appreciate that he swung for the fences, but this was just not fitting for the challenge.



Turned out great!  It’s both creepy and sympathetic.

Top looks are Darla and Emily, and Darla handily wins.  The bottom is Adam and Julian, and Adam is sent home.  Looks like Rayce just has one team member left, so Laura is guaranteed to have 2 in the final.