The TMNT Will See the Power Rangers Dubstep Video and Raise Them a Gangnam Style Video

Not content to let the newest incarnation of the Power Rangers win over the hearts and minds of the younger generation with yesterday’s dubsteb video, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were forced to respond by shooting the 18th kajillionth “Gangham Style” parody video on the streets of New York. How is it different from other Gangham Style parodies? It isn’t, unless you count the the surprise appearance of (and introduction by) Vanilla Ice to be some kind of accomplishment. Since it’s far less likely that Nickelodeon hired him to star in this promotional video than the film crew randomly ran across him smoking crack in a NY back alley, I wouldn’t count it as too much of a “get,” personally. (Via MTV Geek)

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