Today in Tarantino: Django Soundtrack Unchained, Plot Hole Explained

“It’s a pretty eclectic soundtrack, as is most of my soundtracks.” Thus speaks Quentin Tarantino, and while it would be a completely unjustified cheap shot to play grammar police with an off-the-cuff remark, completely unjustified cheap shots are so often what we’re about that we might as well. Regardless, you can hear this quote and many others on a streaming online edition of the Django Unchained soundtrack featuring QT intros to every tune, courtesy of Little Steven’s Sirius XM channel. It’s available to listen for free until January 2nd, and since it’s the first of Tarantino’s films to feature original tunes (allegedly – let’s not forget this little album-only gem) as well as the usual repurposed cult favorites, it’s worth checking out right here.

Also on the Tarantino tip, there have been critics out there (surprisingly, I was not one of them) who wondered aloud why Django and Schultz’ plan is so convoluted – why all the deception when a simple cash-for-product deal would probably have done the trick with no fuss? The Huffington Post’s Mike Ryan, one of those who wondered, was actually called out by by Quentin, and the two ended up actually having a positive, productive discussion, critic to filmmaker. The whole thing is worth reading, but here’s the money quote:

“I think you’re coming from your point of view and not Schultz’s.”

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