Gamersledge Preview: Tom Clancy’s The Division


At EGX London, a game development conference, there was a panel on creating an immersive world featuring Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy: The Division by its art director. Conference attendee E3 recorded and uploaded the presentation, which you can watch here:

For those of you that don’t want to watch, here are the interesting tidbits:

  • “No press outlet, or anyone, for that matter, has picked up on the fact that when it’s snowing outside and the agent is outside, they get snow on their body. When they move inside, it melts.”
  • The world is huge (and we know includes Manhattan). What’s also interesting is there will be zero loading times between areas, to maintain immersion.
  • There will be a day/night cycle, as well as a full weather system.
  • They showed the building creation tools they developed, which allows them to do a hell of a lot.  The interesting thing about this is that everywhere you see in the game, you can go.  Impressive.
  • They show how the User Interface (UI) was developed specifically never to break immersion – everything is done in-game, no cutscenes so that you aren’t yanked out of the world.

This game is still the reason I purchased a PS4, and I am truly hoping we get a release date at E3 2015 of holiday 2015.