You Can Buy Your Own Halo Warthog For $28,000 (Or Nearest Offer)

You Can Buy Your Own Halo Warthog For $28,000 (Or Nearest Offer)In 2009, Briton Peter Cooper and some mates started helping out on the Halo fan-flick Operation Chastity. Their contribution was this replica Warthog vehicle, which while obviously not up the standards of a more professional effort, it’s still a pretty decent-looking attempt.

Cooper sadly can’t afford to keep hold of the Warthog any longer, though, so is looking to sell. He’s priced the vehicle at £17,500 or nearest offer, which in USD today works out to roughly $28,000. Add on a little more for the bigger wheels you’re going to need to really make it look that much more authentic.

If you’re wondering what you’re getting for that price, the heart of the car was once a 1982 Land Rover Defender, meaning it’ll probably still be running long after your grandchildren have crashed their first flying car.

Peter Cooper [Twiter]

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